We are living in the era of cutting edge advanced technology. So, each and every aspect of our life is changing dynamically. The world is coming closer and we are getting global. In the same manner, education domain is also witnessing different changes. So, we have come up with fascinating concept, in the field of education sector.

Its E-Schooling. Now, the parents as well as students are living the concept of mobility. With the help of our technology enabled tools and techniques, like mobile and web-application, schools can manage different aspects online.

Schools can manage and monitor attendance of students, reports regarding their progress, homework and assignments, tutorials, etc. In fact, schools can interact with parents of the students, regarding queries and their resolutions. Different types of reports can be generated through App. Schools can maintain records of Fees, archive records regarding payments, different activities initiated by Schools, etc.

So, in and all, the Application is nothing but the one stop solution for schools and helping hand in the school management system.


Wesmart App is the revolutionary concept in the education sector. It has made the globe to redefine concept of schooling. It is came up with the concept of “Integrated Schooling.” The app can be handled by school management, as well as teachers. Teachers can periodically, in fact daily monitor as well as manage attendance of the students, their progress reports, their learning aspects and attributes. Teachers can interact with the students and their parents on the same platform. The Application is easy to use even for non-techno savvy people.

An app has dynamic view and User Friendly G.U.I (Graphical User Interface). It can be updated frequently. It will be helpful in hassle free teaching-learning process.

Teachers can assign tasks, assignments and tutorials online and contribute in the progress of the students. It will reduce an un-necessary paperwork and will enhance efficiency level of teachers.


Wesmart Application is a boon for students. They can avail facilities provided by school on the go, for 24*7. Wesmart provides smart solution for smart learning. Now, every students irrespective of their educational, financial, cultural, religious background, can learn from anywhere. Wesmart application provides access to all the facilities, students can avail. Now, they don’t have to struggle to learn. Just by registering themselves, they will get access to their learning material and can submit their attendance, homework, assignments, tutorials, etc. from anywhere on the go, with just one click..

Isn’t it amazing?? Students can interact with their teachers, which will enhance knowledge sharing and serve the primary objective of learning. Students will be having sky as the limit to explore themselves.

Now, they will not miss any update regarding circulars, results, learning material, etc. Students can focus more on studying and learning.